I know you've missed her...She's missed y'all...OH gah I just said y'all, Lord help me. I know you've been asking and begging to see her again... Well here she is. The good ol good for nothing lazy fat bulldog Cayenne. My daughter. Well technically she's my step-daughter since Robbie had her before me. Which I'm totally ok with. She smells. But I love her. Also, when I went to Robbie's parents house I found her in this very spot... then when I was leaving... She was still in this very spot. (She lives with his parents because she has a slight bladder problem...she pee's when she gets excited or scared, mainly scared. She doesn't get excited much. The problem is, that she is scared of EVERYTHING. She pee's when the vacuum is on. She pee's when you drop something on the floor. She pee's when you look at her. She pee's when you walk in the door. She pee's when you blink. She pee's when you pee. She pee's when you slam the door. She pee's when jump out of the closet and say "boo". She pee's when you thinking. She pee's when she's sleeping. She pee's when you're sleeping.  ITS INEVITABLE! So she's not allowed in our new carpeted apartment. But we go and visit this piece of lard as much as we can. Because we love her.

She peed here. and I didn't clean it up.

Just kidding mama Ballentine.


karen elder said...

Does she pee when the camera goes *click*, because if so she may as well wear a diaper when you are around. :) lol.

Jill Hoppy Anderson said...

one of the funniest blog posts I've read in a long time! Thanks Jo!

Cassie Woodard Photography said...

I LOVE Cayenne! When Angie would take me over there, all I wanted to do is grab her cheeks!

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