Sharing a legacy

This dress was hand made by the brides aunt. The dress was constructed out of the mothers wedding dress. Leaving aged stains, and old lace to leave character and a certain legacy. Beautiful and flawless.


A rainy afternoon

A few days ago Robbie, Rocco and I laid around with the windows open while it rained. We felt the cool breeze flow through our windows.  I took my medicine and slowly the effects started to come upon me. I laid my head on Robbie's chest and fell into a deep sleep. Rocco was particularly snuggly. No toe/hair chewing today. But even if she was eating us with her razor sharp teeth, I wouldn't have cared. Because its days like today that make me want to freeze time and forever be in it.  I have a lovely blessed life.


sweet little turd.

Marley Rocco is starting to act like a puppy. She's chewing my foot off, waking me up at 5:30 to chew on my hair, She goes pee pee outside and then pee pee again inside...AFTER her treat. She doesn't like her name Rocco, but I keep calling her Marley and somehow she responds to that. BUT- this precious little turd is the sweetest little ball of fur. She snuggles in your neck right before you fall asleep, she gives you little kisses when you hold her, she gets super excited when you come home, she follows me in the morning and watches me get ready, (she also watches Greys Anatomy with me!) she's actually really smart and fetches a ball already, and not to mention- she lets me take pictures of her. Um, yes. She's perfect. Marley qualities and all. 


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Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
-Psalm 34:8

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