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I'm a little too excited for the invites to arrive to the guest's hands...I'm SO tempted to post the sweet invites on the blog to show the world! but I won't. I won't ruin the surprise :)

In the mean time, I'll post the "save the dates" that were sent out a couple months ago...I'm pretty sure everybody who should have gotten them has them now...haha

Well I really couldn't have done them without my dear friend Hailey...She's a graphic designer back in Colorado and an amazing bridesmaid that helped me out big time with these and with the actual invitations....which I'm super stoked for!

I knew I wanted them pretty simple, to the point and with a hint of personality. Hail's bells designed the back side of the card:

The designs were printed on an off white ivory cardstock 4x6


And this was on the front side of the card,
I drew up an owl and the bubble and we added the phrase.
(This one is really yellow for some reason...but you get the idea)


Since the card itself was pretty simple and the envelopes were plain off white, I decided it needed a bit of  some tender loving care...So I got a whole bunch of random pretty, vintage inspired paper and cut out inner envelope liners. Let me tell you how much work this is...ALOT. DIdn't know until I cut about 10 of them and realized i had about 100 more to cut and glue....


But it was well worth it and ended up being my favorite part!


Now, I'll wait a couple more weeks...Then I can post the invites! I'm so excited. Again, I couldn't have done it with out Hailey. You're wonderful.


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