Dear Amy

Jimmy is doing wonderful. He misses you thou. He said he can't wait until you come home to pick him up! So much that he wanted to leave you a little note:

"Hey mom! Hope you're having fun at the beach with all your friends...I thought I was your friend so I thought I would come too but Aunti Jojo told me I wouldn't like the sand anyways."
"I went poop a lot. Aunti Jojo said It was a big one!"
"I cuddled with her a lot, she has great hair so I put my paws in her hair and made it ALLLL knotted up and then I licked it"
"Aunti Jojo said I snored a little too loud so she said that If I slept in the living room instead I would get to pee on the neighbors plants...what a treat!!"
"I know I look really depressed here in this picture...but really, I'm having so much fun here! Aunti Jojo lets me eat off the dinner table!"

Just kidding Amy :)

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Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
-Psalm 34:8

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