I'm feeling a little under the weather today, must be a stomach bug. Its no fun. But I did manage to squeeze in this blog post in between my naps. Here is a little family shoot I did this past weekend. Megan the daughter was quite the little model. Isn't she beautiful?

The parents.
This girl knows how to smile with her eyes.
The brothers.
My all time favorite to date. Its out of focus and blurry but its somewhat mysterious. I'm in love with this photograph.

Have a warm wednesday, hopefully tomorrow wont mean having a bucket next to your bed.


Laura Eliza said...

Ohhhhh lovely! I especially love the first picture, and the last one looks like a portrait from the 1800s... so stunning. I know what you mean about blur, I am becoming convinced that often the best shots are not those that are in focus =)

I hope you get feeling better soon! Oh, and just a random note... I followed your suggestion and got nine inches cut off my hair so it is now at shoulder level, and I love it =) Thanks for encouraging me in that direction.

Joanna said...

NICE!! wow 9 inches!!? That is so much! I bet you're loving the cut back on time! I actually like washing and brushing my hair now! :)

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