Hello friends, sorry for the lack of post this past week. Super busy and getting ready for Christmas!
From Christmas parties and wrapping gifts to eating to peeing to working Its been a little crazy :)
I'm excited to see what I get for xmas! I didn't specifically ask for anything so I'm eager to see what the husband wrapped up! I would love a trip to Cambodia, check this site out...pictures of why I want to go.
Anyways, sorry for the random post. Gotta go back to work! But here is a picture of a correlation of my favorite shoots I had this year.

Check in tomorrow- I got a sweet photo-shoot to post!
Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Laura Eliza said...

I would love a trip to Cambodia, too! *sighs wistfully* It is my dream to go on a RPTE someday. Maybe you will get one?? =)

Merry Christmas!

Joanna said...

Oh Laura how I would love one! haha but I'm going to take a wild guess and say the three wrapped up presents under the tree that say my name, don't have RPTE in them :) just a wild guess thou...

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