Apple Pie

For thanksgiving our salon had a little thanksgiving feast, we were all suppose to bring a dish for us to feast on during the day. Now, you don't have to call me Betty Crocker or anything BUT I do do my own share of cooking. But since Alison signed up for the mac and cheese and Lindsay brought the canned green beans, I was out of options! So what did I do? I signed up for the apple pie. 
I was proud. I was surprised. I was encouraged. 
Until what's her face announced to the whole world that I found my apple pie in the frozen section of the grocery store. "I WAS DESPERATE!"
I'm not too sure what was worst... The fact that I came to the salon with my apple pie lying straight up saying it was mine Orrr.... That I struggled and tried so hard for 15 minutes trying to transfer the pie from the metal plate container it came in, to my new apple-pie pretty plate to make it look like I made it and accessorized it with a little butterfly and a name tag that reads "yummy yummy in my tummy"?

 I'll let you decide.


Kat24 said...

I prolly would have done the same thing lol! Don't feel bad!

Joanna said...

It happens all the time...fake baking :)

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