Sweet Notes

Sometimes when you're feeling discouraged, God will find ways to encourage you at his right time. Even if it means a letter full of love written by your husband. Or words from people you work with. Have an open heart and keep your ears open, so you wont miss it. Our God always delivers, he will deliver. Even if it's not in your timing...It's always at the right moment.
Be encouraged.


Jill said...

Is it bad that I zoomed in on the pictures (a mac computer magical trick!) to read the letter?! I'm so nosy! Sorry.... but it is SUPER SWEET!! What a great husband you have!


Joanna said...

Haha not at all! I know that little trick and I do it all the time! and yes...he is super sweet :)

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Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
-Psalm 34:8

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