Pinky Promise

As a stylist you would think I have this crazy connection to wearing my hair in nothing but pure perfection, but I'm sad to say its usually a great big mess. A birds nest as my husband would call it. I just like to justify it by saying its the "boho messy chic style" but in reality, it really is just a big birds nest that my husband loves to feed. Sometimes when its pretty matted, Robbie will pretend to drop crumbs in my hair to feed the little birds. Jerk. 
Robbie asked me to cut his hair this past Monday night, he likes it one way...and I like it another. Its a reoccurring argument that has no peace. I like it short and he likes that stupid southern swoop. So Monday night...I agreed to cut his hair thinking we were on the same page about his length. I of course was super excited to cut it off and poor Robbie just thought he was getting a little trim....woops.  
I felt absolutely awful taking my husbands confidence by whacking his hair off to look like a GQ hair model (he didn't think that very much) that I offered to take the only thing that's been the same for years off of me. "I'll cut my hair too if it makes you feel any better?" Then we pinky promised and pinky promises in this family are serious! So the next day I cut it off.


But I must say, short hair sure is fun! Not to mention my shower/blow drying/brushing time has dropped dramatically! And the birds have found a new home. No more nest :)

Oh the things we do for love  :)

Photo credit: Robbie Ballentine...He's getting so good!


us2Kellers said...

so adorable JO! you look beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

wow jo you pinkie promise to him and keep it true but you dont to me!!!!!

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