Someone Help Me.

Today is such a blah kind of day. Its gloomy and I'm wearing 2 scarfs. This is the 3rd day I'm wearing my leggings (STOP JUDING ME YOU DO IT TOO) and on my defense, I have 2 pairs I switch back and forth. Moving on. While wearing 2 scarfs, leggings, boots, 3,000 layers of jackets and a 120 dollar heat bill, I'M STILL COLD!  Not trying to complain. Just super excited about spring. 


I'm also on this rampage of saying the phrase "I NEED THIS ROBBIE" "No, Robbie...I really REALLY NEED this wallet" "Like If I don't have this wallet, life wouldn't make sense" "By getting this wallet, my life would be a lot more organized" "ROBBIE GET ME THIS WALLET" 
I mean, I got a lot more reasons as to why I need this wallet and purse but i'll save you the read.

Maybe this should go on my new years resolution list of not to do.

Happy Thursday Friends :)


Kd said...

I just got u a wallet...

Kelly said...

I love that aqua wallet. I think my life would be organized with it, too...

Shelley Sumner said...

where did you find the wallet?

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