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When i was little, my parents set me out to play the Violin. I played for years. I practiced in my parents living room annoying the heck out of my dad while he was trying to watch his sports. I didn't mind it at all when I was in the confinement of my own home, but walking to school while carrying my case in front of all the other classmates...not so much. I was made fun of for being a dweeb for playing the violin. So what does one do to protect my middle school reputation? "accidentally drop your violin on the hard concrete floor" My parents didn't buy me another one because they thought it would be feeding into my irresponsibleness, is that a word?  I took that as a success. 

Looking back, I regret breaking my violin. I regret stopping my lessons. Every time I hear a violin or any string instrument, I cringe in remorse. I wish I had this talent, talent that takes years to build. 

Check this video out. If this doesn't scream talent, I don't know what does. This is a perfect example of how classical instruments can be cool. So if you're currently playing a classical instrument, be encouraged. You're way cool and I envy the heck out of you.

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Laura Eliza said...

That video was amazing!!

I kinda did the same with piano that you did with violin. I stopped taking when I was a teenager, just because I wasn't interested anymore and it didn't seem 'cool'. Ridiculous, now that I look back on it. Have you thought of picking violin up again? I just started piano again, and even though I lost more than six years of practicing and lessons, it has been so worthwhile to try to push through that challenge and hopefully catch up.

Mijito Mike B. said...

Playing the violin is my dreeeaamm! My ears pick it out of every song, it's the most pleasing sound.

Sara Watkins said...

I played the cello in middle school...total dork. Jay loves to laugh at me about that! But, even though I had absolutely no talent and only played for three years, I still love hearing songs that have the cello in them. String instruments sound so beautiful in any kind of song. Good post :-)

Vana said...


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