How To: Blow Dry Your Fringe

Greetings fellow readers! So sorry for the last 2 weeks of no How To's! To make up for the lack of them, I bring you this week: How to blow dry your own Fringe! Which by the way is your "bang" but to stay classy and to teach you new things, I'm letting you know it's actually called, your Fringe. So when you read it, you know what it refers to.
Here are the steps: (Know that this can be done when you get out of the shower and your hair is wet, or if its dry and need to volumize your bang in the morning really quick, or just a quick touch up.)

This is Amanda, our wonderful shampoo tech/front desk helper/cleaner/does everything else around here employee! See what a difference a simple touch up to the fringe can make?

 Let us know if any of our How To's are helping you out, we're starting to take request's too, So if you have one; leave one in our comment box below.

Happy Tuesday!

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