St. Augustine

I just want to say Thank you so much to all of you who are such great friends that went on the links and commented on the post! Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how blessed I am to have such awesome friends!

Amanda and I made it to St. Augustine last night. Our wonderful 8 hour drive was so splendid!  we wanted to shoot ourselves. BUT WE MADE IT!

This little town is so amazing, we're told its the oldest town in America, so you can image what it looks like. Full of character and lot's of picture taking nooks and crannies. The wedding isn't till later today so we're about to head out and explore the town. But first, I want to show you our bed & breakfast.
 Is it cute, or is it cute?!
Have a beautiful Friday!

Birmingham friends, can you tell my husband I miss him?
ok thanks :)


karen elder said...

Charming! Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures from St. Augustine.

Shelley Sumner said...

um we need more pics!!!! love jojo and miss all you guys

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