roll tide

Have I formally introduced you to my husband yet? This is Robbie. He loves football. Kinda like how I love my national geographic's or how I love cheese. If not more. He loves it enough to throw the ball around on a muddy rainy day just to get hyped for the season to start.
and oh boy, its here.... You westerners probably don't know what I'm talking about. There's a thing called "college football" down here in the south...It's kiiiiinda a big deal. Wish me luck.

Roll tide :)


Holly said...

Love that he is wearing a YL summer staff shirt! Are ya'll involved with YL down there?

mrs.fitz said...

Oh....I know college football. We live in the Sooner State. Professional football doesn't exist here. :)

Kadie said...

So when he becomes completely obsessed and overwhelming, u can always use me as an escape. I've gotten used to it after these yrs...well not really... but I can tolerate it. haha!

Joanna said...

holly- we're trying to get connected with yl here...but haven't really found anybody to :/ I was heavily involved when i lived in phx thou! love that younglife :)

Kfitz- its ridiculous isn't it? but i totally love it!

Kd- i love you.

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