Miss Margaret

Meet our sweet baby girl Margy! People always ask us, "so why a rabbit??" We're not ready for another dog and were not cat people- so husband surprised me with taking me to go get a little rabbit! She is the sweetest thing if you can't tell. Except she's still pretty cautious about us. We got her a few weeks back and she's actually gotten a little bit bigger so I wanted to snap some pictures to remember how cute and adorable she was as a little munchkin!
 Especially for times like these, helps me remember not to throw her across the room - this next picture she looks adorable and suspicious at the same time...thats because as this photo was being taken she was also pee peeing. Little Terd.
and then she was happy again.

Happy wednesday! 


Laura Eliza said...

Aww, she is so cute! Even if she does pee inconveniently ;)

canagrooms said...


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