my beautiful guests

This past week has been so great, having my mom and sister here! It was nice to have that familiar smell in the morning of eggs being made while the coffee Folgers, which my mom has used for YEARS was on again. It was nice to see my sister brush her hair and complain it didn't look good afterwards. It was nice to smell my mom's same perfume she's used for years. It was nice to have my mom just rest. Give her a break from our family problems, love on her tangibly while she was here. 

It was also nice, to have them love on me again.
They left this morning and my house still has a faint smell of Folgers coffee and eggs. So whenever I feel homesick, i'll pop in a cup of coffee and i'll make myself an egg, and sip on it while remembering my family. Knowing they'll be ok. 


Hailey said...

so amazing!! i miss you alllll!!! wow, and sylvia's hair looks amazing!! well done!!

Kelly said...

your family is gorgeous!

rebekah said...

all three of you are so stinking beautiful.

Joanna said...

thanks girls! they are :) I love them.

Lauren said...

you guys are gorgeous! ps- I'm a big fan of your sister's hair..I need to know how to do it!

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