Keeping It Together

I'm one of those people that want others to think I have it together. Like I just wake up and I so happen to have perfect hair, or like I don't bother washing my face and just have perfect skin. Or not put much thought into my wardrobe...
I like to think so.
Now am I one of those girls that take a lifetime to get ready and HAVE to have every piece of hair in place? No, I'm  not. But I DO put effort. 
I put effort into everything I do to look and be the way I am.
Now that I'm a bride-to-be...I have to have others think I have this whole shabang planned out and sorted. 


I think there should be someone telling you, like a designated person be at the place you're getting engaged at, telling you that as soon as you put on that ring- you should have an appt. set up to get medicated for a stress disorder because planning a wedding sucks. JUST KIIIIIIDING. Wedding planning is fun and it doesn't suck, that's just my stress talking, remember?

I think it's just my situation, being from phoenix and having my wedding money parents far away is kinda difficult when you're trying to plan the wedding on the other side of the hemisphere. Also, my bridesmaids are far too so it's sad planning without them...
But the sun always shines right? Even on a cloudy day. You just have to wait for an opening of clouds to get that sunshine. 
The Ballentine's are my opening of clouds. They've been so helpful with trying to find a location, food, lodging, cake ideas, laughter and hope. 

Thank you Ballentines for helping me so selfishly and willingly. 
Thank you for reminding me that this process is suppose to be fun and exciting!

Thank you my dear Robbie for being the best groom ever. You're willingness to help me plan and your wanting to write addresses on envelopes is a like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for being so excited to put your input and ideas in. Thank you for holding my face in your hands while you force me to listen to you say "it's going to be ok". 

Thank you for making me feel like I have it together...

Even if I don't.


To all you Brides-to-be, Don't stress it. It'll come together, I promise. Just have fun and make this part of the incredible future you're about to have. 

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karen elder said...

JoJo, I have a great cake lady from Tennessee...she actually is called "The Cake Lady"..LOL! She even did tuxedo'd strawberries in lieu of a groomsmans cake. Very Cute, and also did i mention it cost me under $200 for the cake and the strawberries and for her to stay cut and serve it?? Now the question is: Would see travel to Alabama? LOL!

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