Rocco through Instagram

Here is a little Instagram update of our life as of late with our lovely Rocco.

This is what we know of little Rocco so far:

She loves socks. In fact, she has her own. And she's allowed to do whatever she wants with them.
She has a habit of going in the refrigerator....
She is the sweetest cuddle buddy.
She doesn't like the leash...
She LOVES to nap.
She likes to eat paper. 
She wont eat our furniture. (besides our dresser)
She is 10 weeks old today!
AND she is basically potty trained!!
She loves to jump in the showers with you. (so close the door)
She sleeps on her back.
She also sleeps on your face.
She doesn't know her name yet.
She has the hiccups ALL the time.
She loves Robbie.
She loves to eat hair.
She gives sweet kisses.
She likes squirrels.
She likes to bite my computer.
She likes to watch Greys Anatomy with me.
She has nightmares sometimes :(
But she also runs in her sleep (we think its a good dream)

She is a sweet blessing.

1 comment:

BRITTANY said...

I love her!!!! She is so sweet and fluffy, she makes me want another fur baby ;)
Give my neicey lots of love for Aunty! <3

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