A Day In Atlanta

Robbie and I had to take my little sister back to the airport. All the way in Atlanta. Its a 2 hour drive from Birmingham so we decided to just make a trip out of it.

"I have a surprise for you, Joanna!" Robbie said excitedly when we arrived in Atlanta. What was it you say? Oh, he surprised me by taking me to the Coca Cola factory in Atlanta.

 Thats what  I said. 

To my belief, I actually had a great time! We both did! There were 4D movies, commercial room, taste room, coke antiques, and other random stuff you can do there. Its a lot of fun and brings back memories of when I watched the coke commercials growing up.  Like the polar bear? remember him? And Santa Clause with the train during christmas? No? Just me? Ok.


And I got to taste all the Coca Cola products from ALL over the world. South Africa had some good one's!


The best part was, we got to finish the day off with  eating a hot dog at the Braves game!


And peanuts of course :)


Have a great weekend!

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