Morning sun

I was woken up by slight movement next to me.  Followed by light seeping through the window. Our apartment is at a great angle, angled perfectly to get the brightness of the morning sun and the softness of the afternoon light. The rooms are filled with warmth. Full of boxes and leftover wedding stuff. We both trip over suitcases and random baskets as we get up from bed. We laugh and smile as we realize we're married as one and this morning was our first official day to our life. My heart has felt happiness before, but nothing like this. This is different. This is security, love, peace, peace, peace. Peace to know that we are on our way to a road full of fulfilling the glory of our God. A God that brought us together to wake up to morning like these. Mornings full of warmth and light, light that is strong enough to wake but soft enough to frame our little house apartment. Mornings that make my heart skip a few beats as I lay on my husbands chest. Mornings with JJ heller in the background as I sort this GIGANTIC mess of boxes in our living room. Mornings when I realize we got everything on our registry and we don't have room to put everything. Mornings where I feel overwhelming joy and blessings it pours out of my eyes. Mornings like this. 

I am so blessed. So blessed. Blessed. 




Vana said...
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Vana said...

it goes without saying that i.love.you. But what I also love is contrast between the almost poetic writing about your first morning...and then the picture below...I can hear the little noise you're making in it in my head. The balence of poetic and bursting with joy and silliness, it is totally you.

Hailey said...

oh such joy joanna. i still smile thinking about the glory of your wedding day. beauty, words can't describe. and because of you two, brit and i have decided that we'll register for stuff because they're "cool" not because we know what they do. haha!

Karen said...

Must. Have. More. Blogs. Geez JoJo, give the guy a rest, get back to blogging! Hee Hee... ; )

Kelly said...


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Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.
-Psalm 34:8

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